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1. What does this app do?
2. How do I use this app?
3. How often is data updated?
4. Where can I send a comment to the developer?

What does this app do?
StreamWatch is a simple and efficient app to help you monitor river flows, gage heights and water temperatures for your favorite streams and rivers in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington by polling data from USGS stream gage sites. Please note that not all sites report gage heights and temperatures, and some sites only operate seasonally. The app allows you to set alerts on flows, gage height and temperature so you can closely monitor changes. You may monitor up to 16 different rivers and streams. (The limit is necessary to prevent bottlenecking the USGS servers, but may be increased at a future date depending on demand). While every effort is made to provide you with accurate and timely information, the developers of this app cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions in USGS data. Please use common sense when recreating on our nation's rivers and streams!

How do I use this app?
You must have an active interenet connection for the real-time data to be downloaded. To add a stream, click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner, then use the spinner to pick a stream or river. However, instead of swiping through hundreds of selections, simply type in a few letters of the river name and tap Search. Repeatedly tapping Search will show you any matching names. Once you've made a selection, just tap Done to add the river to your list. To delete a river or stream, on the main screen, just swipe left or right until the red Delete button appears. When you press Delete, it will be removed from the list. Finally, the list refreshes with new data every 15 minutes (which is how often USGS updates its data). If you'd like to force a refresh, click the Refresh button in the upper left hand corner.

How often is data updated?
Typically, the USGS stream gage sites send in information every fifteen minutes. Occasionally weather and other factors may interfere with the transmission of that data, causing delays in updates, or even temporary outages. Always monitor the date and time of the last update to make sure the data your are viewing is timely.

Where can I send a comment to the developer?
We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email at